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We Have Superior Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets

When customers need affordable and reliable septic tank services in Lewisburg, WV, they get in touch with AAA Septic Tank Services Inc. We offer superior septic cleaning and maintenance for residential and commercial customers in Greenbrier County, WV, and surrounding areas. Our staff of trained experts works quickly and efficiently to avoid any inconveniences and get you back to your normal schedule. Our customers in the area know they can trust us for all their septic tank service needs and are so satisfied they recommend us to their friends. AAA Septic Tank Services Inc. uses products that are safe for the environment when we complete our work. We make sure to do it right the first time.


Call us today at (304) 425-5329 if you have any questions about our septic tank services or contact us online.

AAA Septic Tank Services Inc. Offers Greenbrier County:

  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Septic Systems Repair
  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Portable Toilets
  • Holding Tanks
  • Mining Certified Portable
    Toilet Contractors
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Septic Tanks
  • Basin Cleaning
  • Grease Traps
  • Package Plant Pumping
    & Sediment Ponds
  • Poly-John Rentals
  • Maintenance on All of
    Our Products
  • Portable Tanks
  • Installation

Rent a Portable Toilet for a Party or Special Occasion

Everyone enjoys a good party and getting together to celebrate special occasions, especially when they include the comforts of home. Portable toilets give your guests the comfort and convenience without having to use your own personal bathroom in your home. Rent portable toilets, hand sanitizers, or portable sinks from AAA Septic Tank Services Inc. Make events such as holiday, graduation, birthdays, retirement even more memorable and convenient.

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White Sulphur Springs

AAA Septic Tank Services Inc. Provides Quality Grease Trap Cleaning

Do you need grease trap cleaning at your commercial establishment? AAA Septic Tank Services Inc. provides quality grease trap cleaning for businesses in Greenbrier County, WV. Restaurants and stores use grease traps to catch FOG, short for fats, oil, and grease, as well as other substances before they become part of the sewer lines and wastewater. Our grease trap cleaning and pumping helps business owners and managers to avoid grease trap blocks, overflow, and odors, all of which can harm the bottom line of the business. We are very experienced and detail-oriented in our grease trap cleaning. Call today for grease trap cleaning or any of our septic tank services in Lewisburg, WV.